Dear Travelers:

Shanghai, the most vibrant city in China, is becoming the cultural and financial center of the fastest growing country in the world.  Getting around in Shanghai can be fun and adventurous.  But if this is your first time coming to Shanghai you may find it inconvenient without someone local to speak and listen for you.  Let us help!

Hi!  My name is Tiffiny. I am one of the interpreters at ChineseInterpretersInShanghai.com. Shanghai is my home town where I was born and where I was growing up. I am fluent in Mandarin and English, and more important the local Shanghainese dialect which is spoken by many people here in town. All interpreters in our agency have the similar background.

Whether you are coming to Shanghai for business or for pleasure, make sure to retain one of us as your interpreter wherever you go.  We love Shanghai and will try our best to make you feel the same too. Let us give you the peace of mind that you won’t get lost in the Greater Shanghai Area.

Welcome to my home town and enjoy your visiting here in Shanghai!